A Visit from the Coastguard @ Sledbrook?

Too wild for us to fly on a Sunday morning in June but this big fella hovered for at least 20 minutes while the local Mountain Rescue trained with them. Car park was full of spectators.

Video from the Shepley Model Flying Group

A “glimpse” in the gym.

It has taken me a week to get this video onto YouTube though it is not their fault. I got a new video editing program which is similar but not the same as the free one I was using. Even now it isn’t as I wanted it; all the transitions have slipped about half a second further on than I actually set them which doesn’t make too much difference except probably to me. The other thing that I found annoying is the upload to YouTube time – 6 hours 50 minutes for a just over 5 minute video. I know broadband at Upper Cumberworth is slow but that is just ridiculous!

Another “glimpse” at the field and Andrew practising for the Nats.

Flew my HH Glimpse again the other day; you would never guess, from all the wobbles, that it was flat calm at the time. First bit is Andrew practising with a Riot and the rest is everyone else doing not much though Paul was actually flying in the middle bit but I never caught up with the model.

Bill sent me the following link to a YouTube video he made four years ago at the field so you can compare the differences.


A "Glimpse" @ the Bikers

Slightly More than just a "GLIMPSE"

Horizon Hobby’s “glimpse”

This little devil is the multi-rotor that takes the videos. Amazing to think that it weighs nothing and is about the size of a saucer! It is not too difficult to fly though having been brought up on fix wing models the thing to remember is NOT to shut the throttle if you get into difficulties; in fact for a mode two flyers everything is back to front. Altitude is governed by throttle only; steering is on the rudder stick while forward, backward and sideways are substituted for elevator and ailerons. Must keep practising table hopping which is good for landings until I try and land on the edge of one of them then the Glimpse complains bitterly if it starts to fall out of level.

The background music to the "More than just a Glimpse" video is a piece entitled "Marchto the Scaffold". Not quite there yet though one or two people may hope so.

Shelley Heli Fly

Denby Dale Ladies Choir

Meadow Mowing Melody

Twin Otter & Ullswater May 2013

Octrodrone SpYder

Steve - High on Helicopters

Round & About the Whams

Whams Fly-By

Last years wet windy weekend in Ullswater.

Pictures by James on I-pad.

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