After the monthly meeting with the Dunford Parish Community Association they have thanked us for being good tenants and have confirmed our booking for the 2016/17 season at the same reduced rent as last season.

Just to remind you we fly under the following few rules.

  1. BMFA insurance is required before you can fly.
  2. Cars may be taken onto the field but each member is responsible for any damage done to the property of our landlord and wheel ruts are expected to be repaired by the member causing the damage.
  3. If other daily or weekend bookings are using the field then that booking will always take precedence over model flying. (These bookings pay considerably more than we do for the one off use). Dependent on the activity it may still be possible to fly some or all types of models. Anyone wishing to fly in these circumstances must first assess if it is safe to fly and secondly explain to the other group what you are proposing to do and ask their permission to fly whilst they are present on the field. If this is not given or if there is any doubt please do not fly until the field is clear. I will attempt to inform all members by email of forthcoming events.
  4. The club year runs from 1st April until 31st March in the following year and I would hope to be in a position to let you know what each year’s subscription would be during February or early March.
  5. In the "Summer Season" Wednesday night is"Club Night on the Field" just so we get a bit of social flying in.
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