I couldn't get the rainbow over the landing strip so  I put it over the Comunity Centre instead.

Just something I thought members could enjoy. Northern Area Summer Fly - In at Pontefract Race Course.

On behalf of Blackstone Model Flyers, I would like to thank the BMFA Northern Area for arranging a two-day fly-in on the Pontefract Pandas flying site. Some big thanks also to the Pandas Club for allowing us to share the field.

I only managed to go on Sunday for an hour or two but enjoyed all the big models (and the smaller ones) that were on display. (See pictures below).

It was good to chat to some of the old faces, Dave Tuckwood, Phil Cox and Tim Haigh chairman of both the HDMAC and Northern Area BMFA. The expression on Tim’s face was a picture when I handed him a quarter scale kit of a Stampe. He had bought it that morning from EBay not realizing it was me selling it. A slight pity in a way because if we had known we could have both saved some money by bypassing the middle man.

Andrew and John Mosley attended on the Saturday and walked away with first and second prizes in the take-off, three touch and goes and land in the shortest possible time. Fifteen seconds Andrew – not bad.

Altogether a good morning and I also managed to buy some black shoes for work from the shopping centre near the motorway.

March 2017 Pictures

Thank you Paul for the new Windsock. Very nice it is too,just a pity our new members missed seeing it as Paul had left. We have yet  to find a place to store it. At least Paul is a fairly regular flyer so we will all benefit from time to time.

Some September Pictures

New Pit and Park Layout

And now a bi-plane "Precident Bi-Fly".

Flew the Tidewater for the first time; cold but worth the effort.


Paul’s Website.

If you want to see a really-really good modelling web site follow the link to club member Paul Rowden’s site. The site takes some beating but the quality of workmanship in the models shown would also be difficult to match.


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